Doing Some Work for a Travel Agency


Doing some work for a travel agency, but it is not as though I have a full time job or anything. Instead I am going to be working for them until the end of this convention, where they have a big booth and they are trying to sell their services to other people in the travel industries. I had to read more about it to be any good at the task they gave me. In essence they want me to look really sharp and be personable. That is the whole reason that they hired me. I am working with two girls, who are not quite swimsuit model hot, but they are not very far from it. Continue reading

Dong All We Can to Save Money on Our Electric Bill


Okay, so we added to the insulation in the attic. Then we sealed around all the doors and windows. We actually replaced the front door since it was drafty when it was cool, so you know the air conditioning was working harder in the summer because of that front door. We turn off any light not in use, and we do not leave chargers plugged in. Still, our electricity bill was too high. That was when I went to to find an electricity supplier that offered a lower rate than what we were paying.

After doing everything we could to save on our electricity usage, the only other option was to get it supplied to our home at a lower rate per kilowatt hour. I almost forgot, we changed all of the bulbs to compact fluorescent and LED bulbs too. Even our Christmas light displays inside and out are low energy using LED lights. Sure, all of that combined took a big chunk out of the monthly electric bill. However, we knew we could save more by finding a lower rate for residential electricity.

I even looked up other things we could do to save electricity. Continue reading

Best High Speed Internet for Online Gaming


I bought a new gaming console recently, the most recent one. I think it is 7th generation, but I am not really sure what generation number they are on these days. Regardless, I found a really awesome game for the new system, but most of the fun in playing it, comes from playing online in multiplayer. My internet connection is not fast enough to play the game without lagging, and so I want to look for high speed internet in my area as I am going to need to upgrade my internet connection, in order to be able to really enjoy playing this game.

It is such an awesome game, that I just wish that I could play it online without lag. Continue reading